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Biwar: Legend of Dragon Slayer is a game that invites you to explore puzzles.  Inspired by folklore and Balinese ancient environment. The third-person game will give you a whole new experience of fighting enemies and bosses in a fantasy realm by facing various obstacles and solve puzzles. Linear path game! the player doesn’t need a map to find their destiny.

Developed by Devata Game Production, the game was inspired by folklore with a fantasy twists. the game feature with Realistic 3D style and a beautiful Indonesian ancient environment.

Feel single-handed on an adventure in a fantasy world. Trying to stay strong and optimistic on a journey that encountered many mythological creatures that had never met before.


  • Fantasy, realistic 3D style, and beautiful ancient environment
  • Combat System
  • Environment Puzzle

Explore an adventurous tropical jungle
with enchanting environment

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